The Visionaire Group

is a collection of diverse business units that serve the IoT, hospitality and sustainable agriculture marketplace.

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Integrated Technology

Provides leading edge solutions and services in the Internet of Things (IoT) for the Smart space technology domain.

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Venture Capital

Supports innovative technology start-ups that provide next-generation AV-IoT solutions for today’s shared spaces.

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FB & H

Focused on environmental sustainability, and unique food experiences for our future business growth strategy.

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We are Visionaire

We develop and manage diverse, high quality product and service offerings, as well as invest in creating new technologies and experiences. Our work spans more than 25 years of evolution and metamorphosis with visionary nurturing of early stage sectors – from tech and food, to sustainable development and start-ups. We focus on areas that will have a significant impact on how people interact and collaborate by creating dynamic, open platforms to explore, learn, create and share … because the world is getting smaller.

We are defined by Leadership, Strength, Innovation, Passion, and Care … principles that guide us in all our ventures and pursuits.

Uniquely capable

We have developed the capability of responding to diverse challenges presented by our customers, delivering total solutions for all market verticals.


There is no hidden secret behind the reason for our success, and the constant metamorphosis of our spirit that allows us to achieve greater goals year on year. We call this spirit, VISIONERGY - an acronym for VISION + ENERGY. VISIONERGY is the convergence of our spirit of knowledge, intellectual property, experience, and achievements best defined by our history.

Award Winning

Collective achievement

Recipient of numerous awards for excellence in integrated technology design, customer and channel partner relationships, sustainable green technology, and AV industry contribution.

Customer Centered

Trusted globally

Organizations use our design, platform and hardware for work, meetings, teaching, and learning.