About the Visionaire Group

Since 1995, VISIONAIRE has grown and transformed from offering dedicated mobile ICT solutions to a corporate group with diverse business interests. With operational domains in the sectors of enterprise, education, government, and hospitality serving customers in the geography of North America, the Middle East and Asia.

As a group, we are committed to providing customers the products, services, and expertise they need from IOT systems to hospitality whose solutions, products and services work as promised and committed to keeping customers at the center of everything we do.
With R&D, sales, marketing, and manufacturing presence in five countries, we are a global strategic partner who consistently provide innovative and customer-centric approach to our clients and business alliances worldwide.

The Visionaire Group has successfully completed and delivered more than AED 1 Billion worth of projects and solutions to over 400 clients, bringing only exceptional service to customers. The Group’s rich portfolio of projects in the ICT and IoT systems arena includes the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology which is part of the world’s first zero carbon city, the design and build of resource management and collaboration technology for the headquarters of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), and advanced mobile collaboration technology for higher education such as the Taylor Institute- University of Calgary in Canada.

Now, Visionaire expands its offerings to the food, beverage and hospitality industry by supporting unique food experiences, farm-to-table movement and sustainable eco-destinations. Its IoT systems also expands to include products and solutions that support smart city, AV-IOT, and ICT integration technologies.