Venture Capital

Visioniare’s Venture Capital supports innovative technology start-ups like Arrive Systems. ARRIVE provides hardware and software platforms that offer unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) and networked media solutions (NMS). ARRIVE next generation devices function as gateways to the whole wide world by performing functions that are “inside and outside the box”.

ARRIVE’s EdgelessMedia™ architecture is created to provide the ability for Systems Integrators, IT and Facility Managers to benefit from the AV-IT crossover opportunity of merging the wired world of AV with the wireless and cloud of IT, and powers what is called the Internet of AV Things™.

Born-for-Innovation from the ground up, ARRIVE is built by its visionary founder Aseem Gupta. Aseem is at the forefront of transformational technology for more than 30 years and well known to challenge traditional paradigms as an inventor with considerable entrepreneurial and product development experience.

ARRIVE is a global business entity with captive technology development centers located across USA, UAE, India and China, supported by a talented team, serving local, regional and international markets through a network of channel partners and affiliates.//