Food, Beverage and Hospitality

Visionaire is highly focused on environmental sustainability, and we see ourselves as a strong player in this segment for our future business growth strategy.

With this background, Visionaire’s management team invested on Fairfield Estate – a regional “green” real-estate project where the full potential of Visionaire’s strengths can be utilized in technology related sustainable project delivery.

Fairfield Estate is located located north of Coimbatore, India in the Nilgiri mountains. Nilgiri’s biosphere reserve is a UNESCO world heritage site – a veritable fairyland of dense forests, rushing streams and breath-taking views of valleys and glades.

Fairfield is the Group’s latest venture in creating the unique potential for “naturally green” holistic and wellness real estate projects, and as a source for produce that complements unique food experiences and farm-to-table movement. With this venture, our mission is to build a viable, ecologically and environmentally sound resort that will merge green technology with the best that nature can offer making it an “iconic” project for the world and a leading example that we can follow by establishing experience and best practices.

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