Corporate Governance

Visionaire is committed to delivering value to customers and partners through its unique solutions offerings, & closely mapping products and services as per the customers’ needs and most importantly prioritize – productivity, cost savings, return on investment, and ethical standard of business & employee conduct.

Our Core Values

  • Professionalism.
  • Innovation led thinking and best practices.
  • Cooperation / Teamwork.
  • Recognition of Achievement.
  • Transparency and Accountability.
  • Being practical and flexible in our approach towards people, processes and partnerships.
  • Quality, Environmental Health & Safety.
  • Environmentally sustainable practices, with ecological integrity.
  • Holistic approach, recognizing the importance of integrating economic and social issues with environmental responsibilities.


Working together as a team, relying on each other for support and good advice through free and open communication. We seek to continuously improve our performance through cooperation and collaboration.


Integrity governs how we interact with other team members, our customers and our shareholders. We define integrity as delivering what we promise through honest and trustworthy behavior that fosters participation by all team members in achieving the company’s goals.


We treat each other with respect and trust and hold ourselves accountable for the quality and timely delivery of what we commit to. We acknowledge the company’s expanded focus on deliverables, reporting, technical compliance and risk management and support all of the company’s efforts to operate safely and securely.

Commitment to Diversity

Visionaire is committed to diversity. We believe our continued success depends on effectively attracting and retaining a highly qualified work force with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We believe in recognizing, appreciating, valuing and utilizing the unique talents and contributions of all individuals.

Commitment to Employee Development

Visionaire is committed to providing employees with opportunities for personal growth and development. We offer multi-vocational programs and support continuous learning through on site training, reimbursement for professional certifications and continued education to maintain certifications. In addition, employees are encouraged to apply for promotional opportunities through the internal job posting process.