Visionaire Green

For Visionaire Sustainability practice is a way of life. While sustainability trends present a range of environmental challenges, we are focusing our interest on the opportunity to bring additional value and services, through improved delivery systems and technologies to our customers and participating in the Global Carbon footprint reduction process.

From our early years (1995) we have infused the people at Visionaire with awareness of global warming and the corresponding environmental responsibilities and to be better corporate citizens. New employees joining our workforce go through a series of CSR presentations including their personal viewing of the Al Gore produced movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. We are enthused with corporate social responsibility principles, knowledge, technologies, and methods that will lead to better management of our company and better long-term solutions for our customers — solutions that respond to critical issues such as carbon management and how this affects the business realities of our customers and partners.

Our key contributions to environmental sustainability occur through working with customers and partners who have gained environmental leadership in their fields and hence challenge us with a constant need to provide a higher level of delivery on the environmental mandate by the effective and efficient use of ICT technologies in creating integrated project work such as green data centers, virtualization practices, telepresence and video conferencing, rich media development and intelligent management of assets to reduce the consumption of energy and related opportunities in reduction of the need for human travel, thermal load, intelligent building systems management and reduced need for human resource allocation to support and maintenance tasks.

Green Vision

Carbon Emission & Energy Management Targets:

Work Practices

  • Target to hold 50% of impromptu company meetings in Standing Meeting Rooms.
  • Initiate an on-line work culture for data sharing, file sharing and collaborative work practices.
  • Automate 85% of tasks that require signed approvals.
  • Reward innovative thinking and examples set by employees for working in virtualized spaces.

Materials and Equipment

  • Implement 100% virtualized computing environment in the office.
  • Refurbish and donate existing ICT equipment to needy schools.
  • Decrease paper use per person by 25% by implementing a network based document management system.
  • Use 60% recycled paper of total paper purchases.

Energy, Water and Travel

  • Host all central web-based services and portals of the company at 100% Wind-Powered Data Centers.
  • Generate atleast 30% of energy use in the campus from alternate sources -solar energy
  • Encourage reduction of 25% of travel costs by replacing such need with telepresence based meetings and collaboration.
  • Recycle 70% of waste water to use in building irrigation systems.
  • At-least 70% of company owned vehicles in permissible countries to operate of low emission CNG.