ICT@Rabdan: The Backbone For Security Training

ICT@Rabdan: The Backbone For Security Training
Visionaire Executes One-of-its-kind Mega ICT Project In Abu Dhabi

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Rabdan Academy – a futuristic initiative of Government of Abu Dhabi – simply said, is a phenomenal institution of its own kind. A multi-disciplinary professional training institution on policing, defence, and security crisis management, the Academy has deployed a massive scale of information and communication technology infrastructure as an essential backbone of its training methodology. Dubai-based ICT major Visionaire had the honour executing the prestigious project.

The very genesis of Rabdan Academy is the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision to establish a world-class, technologically well-equipped training environment to train security professionals to meet the challenges and threats faced worldwide by nations and communities today and into the future. The vision and objective was to create a best-in-class facility that supports the vision of the United Arab Emirates to reach and maintain a professional and effective preparedness and crisis response capability.

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