Visionaire Technomics infographics
Organisations are frequently challenged to keep deploying and upgrading the most up-to-date technology to ensure they stay ahead of the game.

Innovation in ICT is about enabling technology to do remarkable things which in turn enables our customer’s business to achieve remarkable success.

The technology industry is agog with speculation about the ‘next big thing’.

Visionaire’s business strategy has always been clear: to provide its customers with business value and business transformation through innovative ICT which is defined as TECHNOMICS.

At Visionaire, we listen carefully to respected IT analysts, engage in research of our own and build our own views about what the future looks like, based on what we hear from our customers and our technology partners.

In this way, we cut through the hype to deliver working solutions that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations in areas such as Next Generation Integrated Networks, Data Center, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Telepresence and Immersive Collaboration.

TECHNOMICS goes beyond simply deploying boxes of technology sourced from vendors and executed based on vendor promises on specified design and implementation.

Instead, TECHNOMICS provide visible and demonstrable benefits that reflect success to the CIO’s goals of platform independence, resource optimization and enhancing solution performance and information security while directly benefiting your bottom line by reducing capex with upto 30% and opex with upto 60% savings, and by delivering supreme integration ROI and protecting investments made into IT infrastructure.

TECHNOMICS is built around helping you succeed in your strategic business goals without having to face the over-engineering pressure of vendor revenue and market share goals.