Current Business Challenges

Everyday businesses face an increasing range of demands on the organisation’s ICT infrastructure and services: customers demand a seamless and immediate experience across all domains; suppliers and stakeholders are adopting streamlined, internet-driven processes; and employees expect immediate access to applications and real-time data to work effectively. At the same time, organisations face the challenge of bringing new applications and services on-line without disrupting their existing business operations and CIO’s need to work within optimised budgets.

Complex Made Simple

Staying ahead of the game with emerging and complex technologies, and determining how best to integrate with an organisation’s business processes and existing infrastructure, are challenges Visionaire overcomes every day. Our experience and breadth of skills in supporting these complex environments, with best practice ITIL based methodologies, guarantees and delivers the highest levels of service quality and consistency that are available today.

At Visionaire, we understand our customers’ businesses and have the unique blend of commercial and business acumen coupled with technological excellence. It’s about technology and business working as one to alleviate and smartly manage complexity.

TECHNOMICS™ is built around helping our customers use technology to succeed in their business goals. We are very strong in translating this understanding into technology solutions which enables us work with customers on common goals to create competitive advantages for our customers and us.

Experience proves that it’s people, processes, knowledge and not just technology that drive organisational success. Using TECHNOMICS™ you can get a diverse and complex group of people to work together as one, you are then able to get a complex set of technologies, systems and processes to work as one. Organisations who embrace this idea will derive the benefits of TECHNOMICS™.

Collaborative Working

We create project teams that bring together technical experts and system architects across multiple vendor platforms and systems to design and deploy complex highly integrated solutions.

Our logistics and pre-staging process reduces project implementation times by as much as 20% and makes our implementation least dependent on site construction schedules. This way we can provide our customers high quality of implementation and guaranteed workmanship delivered with the highest level of operational know-how.

TECHNOMICS™ thrives from productivity generated via collaborative working environments that enable easy access to in-house technical experts and subject matter experts.

Our focus on emerging and innovative technologies and our breadth of integration expertise encourages close cooperation with vendors who are developing these core technologies and our close partner relationships mean we are often first to market and to deploy new technologies, especially in the areas of Immersive Communications and Collaboration and in the Big Data, Cloud and Mobility.

Added Customer Advantage

TECHNOMICS™ aligns ICT with business goals and functional integration. We help define, develop and implement ICT strategies and technologies that enable our customers to stay ahead of the demand cycle and improve performance and competitive advantage with significant capex and opex savings.

Our focus is upon creating agile network and communications environments that can adapt quickly to respond to constant change within competitive environments. We know that our success depends upon building customer advantage.

By ensuring we always develop an intrinsic understanding of our customers’ business challenges and goals, our approach to their ICT requirements will always focus upon how best to help our customers become smarter, leaner and faster.