Rabdan Academy in Abu Dhabi


Rabdan Academy Building and interior, auditorium System Integration by Visionaire


The Rabdan Academy is a world class, professional training organisation created by the Government of Abu Dhabi. The academy’s mission is to provide a future-class multi-disciplinary learning environment for the continuing educational development and training of safety, security, defence, crisis management and emergency preparedness professionals across all sectors to meet the challenges of today and the future. It has appointed Visionaire as ICT solutions provider, to deploy a comprehensive ICT network and integration at its new state-of-the-art Excellence Learning Center in Abu Dhabi.

The Challenge

The Rabdan technology mission is to pursue effective ways for learning spaces to be enhanced to better facilitate human collaboration during face-to-face and distance interaction by providing a secure, standards based, orchestrated, high-quality converged voice, video and data communication and collaboration system, utilizing and leveraging the benefits of various web, audio-visual and data technologies available today into a single cohesive and intuitive Immersive Collaborative Next Generation Experience.  By leveraging technology and collaboration, Rabdan expects to dramatically improve the way its faculty, researchers, students and partners physically and virtually work together inside and outside various types of spaces and locations, anytime and anywhere. Overall, it should meet Rabdan’s Commitment to offer state-of-the-art learning experiences for its students and create an environment that is conducive to modern learning.

Visionaire Solution

 Visionaire designed and built what it calls ICT@Rabdan. The design scales from a single desktop to a large auditorium, classrooms, laboratories, meeting rooms, board rooms, common areas and network infrastructure that continuously evolve with new and emerging technologies, product roadmaps and business change.ICT@Rabdan marks the success of the integrated future of AV+IT. Visionaire designed and integrated the following technology solutions to address Rabdan’s needs:

  • UBIQUITY OF VIDEO, VOICE AND CONTENT: UC&C ubiquity with AV systems, voice, video, whiteboard and content collaboration is available to every venue and every user, facilitating connections with internal and external participants anytime, anywhere.  UC& C applications integrated with all-in-one appliance platforms; while HD Video is delivered to Video Walls, Interactive Displays and boards, and short-throw projectors –completing the immersive collaborative automated system.
  • WIRELESS AND WIRED BYOD: Universal Wireless connectivity for Android, Apple and Windows devices integrated with wired HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA allows the faculty to connect external BYOD with automatic source switching to connected displays in all venues, delivered in a highly secure wireless infrastructure.
  • SMART CENTER MANAGEMENT: Users access pervasive technology that seamlessly blends the virtual with the physical using a dedicated cloud and virtualization software. A one point smart center platform connects each venue to the network. Room scheduling, UI design, configuration and deployment is achieved in minutes without in-room labor. A Universal Touch Panel provides users the ability to interact with Room Control, Apps Launcher, Content Repositories, Virtual PC, Keyboard and Mouse. Control processors are managed from the same universal touch panel to provide automation and seamless execution.


With the deployment of a fully integrated ICT infrastructure at Rabdan, both its staff and students are able to enjoy faster connectivity and a streamlined secure access to the Academy’s education tools. ICT@Rabdan is not only a modern learning solution that is able to provide learning and productivity tools, but also a highly secure network environment that is agile and holistic.

Commenting on the ICT implementation, Khamis Awadh Abulani, ICT advisor for Rabdan Academy said: “Rabdan Academy is believer in excellence in education through technology with a mission to drive future-class student learning experiences through innovation. We are therefore pleased to have worked with Visionaire to create new ways of enhancing learning at our new Excellence Learning Center in Abu Dhabi, with the introduction of its leading ICT network solutions.”


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