TECHNOMICS of Immersive Collaboration

Video is the biggest driver of traffic growth on enterprise networks. Users are quickly growing accustomed to consuming information visually, and organizations are adopting video and interactive content for meetings and Organisations in all sphere’s and sizes are looking to help users collaborate more effectively and efficiently, and to provide customers with more meaningful interactions. This often creates an explosion in demand for handling rich media and applications such as streaming video, large image files, audio, course work materials, video collaboration, telepresence, IPTV, VoIP, and social business solutions. Rather than support individual applications, it’s much more cost-effective and productive to implement a single integrated solution for unified communications & collaboration (UC&C). We at Visionaire call it “Immersive Collaboration (IC).

A typical UC system has VoIP, Voice Mail over E-mail, chat and presence capabilities and has been marketed as an extension of voice services with integration to desktops and laptops. Immersive Collaboration (and UC&C in a way) allows users to connect just about anywhere with extensive location-aware presence capabilities with high definition voice and audio, high definition video and data collaboration —in the workplace or campus, in meeting rooms and classrooms, at home, on the road —using a variety of multi-OS Internet-enabled devices, including smartphones, wireless tablets, as well as video and telepresence end-points, and of course, traditional VoIP handsets, desktop and notebook computers.

Immersive Collaboration (IC) provides unique business opportunities such as video based help-desks, persistent chat, video mail instead of voice mail, virtual meeting rooms and classrooms.

With all of these services now running over your Internet connection or WAN, you must consider how it impacts latency and quality of service (QoS). Moreover, users who are mobile or in remote locations expect to have the same user experience as their counterparts in the main office irrespective of the type of device.

Implementing a IC or UC&C strategy requires planning and with Visionaire’s extensive proven experience in communication and collaboration, we can provide you the unique opportunity of transforming your communication & collaboration environment by combining traditional audio-visual systems with the flexibility of mobility, high quality of telepresence and location independent immersive collaboration and deliver the experience to users anywhere – anytime.

The end result reduces costs travel, increments productivity and allows users to collaborate with ease with immersive collaboration at their fingertips.