TECHNOMICS™ Single-Integrated-System Approach by Visionaire is a proven and demonstrated integration model that provides organisations’ the ability to achieve perpetuity in transformational ICT by keeping the focus on the customer and business needs rather than succumbing to single vendor centered strategies of gaining market share and meeting sales quota objectives.

TECHNOMICS™ is the proven to achieving success in integration of the 4C’s – Cloud, Connectivity, Communication & Converged Services which translates to integrated technologies for Data Center, Cloud Computing, Mobility – BYOD, Telepresence and Collaboration.

Visionaire solutioneers used their talent and proven experience to create a responsive and predictable ICT design, build and manage model by developing the multi-vendor best-of-breed TECHNOMICS™ Single-Integrated-System (SIS) Approach:

  • Embracing the best of what the top vendors in their chosen fields have to offer, and building a solution on the finest fit of integrated solutions.
  • Evaluating, testing and integrating partner products to ensure resilient IP solutions
  • Developing an  smart and holistic solution where all components interwork smoothly as a single-integrated-system
  • Deploying a multi-technology, multi-domain, and multi-vendor end-to-end Operational Service and Support system to manage the ICT Transformation
  • Delighting users with never before experiences and satisfaction for services.

TECHNOMICS™ can help you achieve transformational ICT success and reduce the TCO of your technology investment in a number of ways.