Visionaire is Technology Company to watch out for in 2014

“Best of ICT” report recognizes Visionaire as one of the Technology Companies to watch out for in 2014. Aneeta Gupta, group CEO & President at Visionaire says it more than just a regional systems integration company.

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Q&A with Aneeta Gupta:

(ITP) What is your core business and how does the company define itself?

(Aneeta)Visionaire is more than systems integration. We are a Transformational ICT Service Provider
that is able to implement and support our customers’ entire ICT environment:

both their front and back office, from design, to build, to manage – we call this TECHNOMICS™. We offer a complete portfolio of professional and managed services that enable our customers to optimize and extend the lifetime value of their ICT investments. We have worked closely with customers across a variety of industries in more than 40,000 commercial and public sector venues which has given us a unique insight into the operational and business challenges faced by enterprises today. Right now, many of our customers are balancing the ongoing challenge of reducing operational costs and making smart investments to help them transform their business in readiness to react to improving economic conditions. A professional SI can play a pivotal role in supporting the customer’s organisation’s strategic objectives and future development, by reducing the Total Cost Ownership (TCO) of your ICT.

(ITP) What expansion plans do you have for the region?

(Aneeta) We have regional expansion plans into supporting projects in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait with ultimate franchising of our brand and TECHNOMICS value proposition with potential partners in each one of the territories.

The success of the TECHNOMICS business model of Visionaire provides our partners and customers a huge unsurpassed value. TECHNOMICS goes beyond simply deploying boxes of technology sourced from vendors and executed based on vendor proposed design and implementation.  We design, build and manage based on a customers’ business requirements and focus on system performance, scalability, non-proprietary open system technologies to deliver optimized ROI and TCO.  As evident from our tag line, ICT THAT WORKS FOR YOU™, we see ourselves transforming the 4Cs of success for the benefit of our customers and doing this using our “factory approach” to building systems.  Our large investments in Jebel Ali Free Zone provide us the unique platform to deliver complete systems-in-a-box which need little integration on-site and we have developed several tools that automate and provide the opportunity to mass deploy systems in volumes.

(ITP) How do you differentiate your business from the competition?

(Aneeta) Visionaire offers a complete portfolio of professional and managed services that enable our customers to optimize and extend the lifetime value of their ICT investments which is unsurpassed.

By building close working relationships with our strategic partners, we have become leading experts in achieving business transformation through ICT. By investing to attain the highest level of partner accreditations we have become masters of today’s technologies and one of the first to test and then prove emerging technologies.

We have a proven track record in providing world-class products and proven experience in design, build and manage programs using demonstrable TECHNOMICS offered processes and business practices.

(ITP) What is Visionaire’s TTECHNOMICS solution?

With TECHNOMICS, the solutions team at Visionaire creates a responsive and predictable ICT design, build and manage model by:

  • Embracing the best of what top vendors have to offer, and building a solution based on the finest fit between vendors’ products and customer needs
  • Evaluating, testing and integrating partner products to ensure resilient IP solutions
  • Developing  smart and holistic solutions where all components interwork smoothly as a single-integrated-system
  • Deploying a multi-technology, multi-domain, and multi-vendor end-to-end Operational Service and Support system to manage the ICT Transformation
  • Delighting users with never before experiences and satisfaction for services

(ITP) What value-added services do you offer?

(Aneeta) Visionaire offers value-added services through ;

  • Customer Training–  Other than trainings provided by vendors, we have our own training program and facility so that customers will be able to access basic product and solution information from both online and instructor-led courses.
  • Customer Support – Other than the standard vendor service level agreements, Visionaire has its own customer support desk with responsive and constantly accessible single points of contact to deliver support with the quickest possible problem resolution and recurrence prevention.

We also have our own warehouse and logistics services, research, development and staging areas so that we are able to provide faster delivery services to our customers without relying on 3rd party logistics contractors.

Most importantly, we employ TECHNOMICS-based systems such as our SIS-Staging Program which provides up to 30% reduction in deployment time by pre-building and pre-testing the best-of-breed multi-vendor infrastructure centrally without dependence on facility construction, and the Val-Serve ITIL compliant centrally managed databases are populated during build and configuration stages of the project providing accurate configuration and service management information to customers.

(ITP) Why should resellers work with you?

(Aneeta) Our partners are able to benefit from the Technomics business model which provides meaningful value propositions for their customers :

  • First the customer needs to have a vendor independent technology strategy built on open platform and industry standards without specifying lock-ins that allow a vendor to influence his choice of an SI partner.
  • We are a SI partner who has a wide variety of vendor partnerships and is agnostic to single vendor systems and offer end-to-end solutions based on solid in-house design experience and technical capability which runs across sub-systems.
  • We provide established Project and Change Management Process with proven on-the-field expertise with demonstrated documentation and methods using best practices.
  • We offer demonstrated abilities in converged solutions that cuts across vertical technology siloes and provides the customer the opportunity to achieve significant additional functionality due to an integrated approach rather than a sub-system by sub-system piece meal approach.
  • We have the bandwidth to offer design, build, install and manage capability across several years with a proven ROI and TCO model.

(ITP) What is your head count and which countries are you present in?

(Aneeta) We have close to 388 work forces composed of Engineers, Designers, Subject Matter Experts Technicians and other technical support services in Sales and Marketing, Logistics, Administrative and Service Desk. These core personnel works alongside specialized consultants, designers, manufacturing staff, researchers, and    many others –making our headcount more than 500 at any given time. We are present in UAE and Qatar, with design, R&D in India & UAE, manufacturing in China, and Sales and  Marketing presence in the US, and representations in other GCC countries.

(ITP) What trends are shaping the distribution sector in the region?

(Aneeta) We think that Collaboration solutions will shape the distribution sector in the region. We have identified the 4C’s  which are– Cloud, Connectivity, Communication & Converged Services which translates to integrated technologies for Data Center, Cloud Computing, Mobility – BYOD, Big Data, Extreme Collaboration and Telepresence.

The trends that will shape distribution are :

  • Extreme Collaboration products and solutions which allow users to do away with time and place considerations and offer pervasive always on services to internal and external business customers.
  • Rich Media which will provide the capability to capture defining moments and important presentation information and make it available for internal and external customers to view this in perpetuity.
  • BYOD and the consumerization of IT (blend of personal and business technology use) which is a trend that is gathering storm.
  • Big Data Applications which will provide unprecedented convenience to customers and dynamic information availability at their fingertips.
  • Cloud Infrastructure and SaaS which will do away with capex loads, procurement and all the other headaches associated with owning data centers, servers and hosted applications, instead outsourced cloud and services will be able to provide unprecedented value which will make this model extremely attractive.

(ITP) What technologies in your portfolio are the most important at present?

(Aneeta) Our strategic goal is to establish Visionaire as the ICT partner of choice for customers in education, hospitality, enterprise and government. As we pursue our goal, we shall continue to seek and adopt innovative technologies and services that will transform the organisations of today into the organisations of tomorrow.  Cloud Computing, BYOD, Telepresence, Streaming Video, Immersive Collaboration and Next-Generation Services are just a few of the concepts, solutions and services that Visionaire is working on today to enable its customers to work more effectively and profitably tomorrow

(ITP) Are you looking to expand the portfolio into any new areas?

(Aneeta) In this industry you need to choose to lead or follow.  We choose to lead and therefore we are strategically positioned for the changing canvas of market and technology all the time. Expanding our portfolio into new areas is always an open and welcomed proposition because we are always on the lookout for innovative and transformative ICT solutions.

(ITP) Do you think the Middle East channel as a whole is in a strong position for growth?

(Aneeta) Definitely yes. We expect that the Middle East channel as a whole will see major recovery with projects coming upstream from SMB and the private sector. Currently Telecom, Government and Education continue to be the leading investments in the region for ICT, however, we believe that 2014 and 2015 will bring significant new market dynamics which will positively impact our business all through 2020.

Published in “Best of ICT”  ITP-GITEX Special Supplement, October 2013.

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